What are Crystal Singing Bowls used for?

by Julie Kluh January 11, 2018

What are Crystal Singing Bowls used for?

Crystal singing bowls are primarily used for energy healing.

Professionally, they are used by energy healers of various kinds including:

Yoga instructors
Reiki practitioners
Energy workers
Meditation guides
Sound healers
and others involved in energetic healing 

They are also used personally for self-healing, to aid in meditation, and to help ignite and sustain healing intentions vibrationally.

The purpose of a crystal singing bowl is to target one of the bodies energy centers, or chakras, with precisely tuned vibrations.

The vibrations work to activate stagnate or unbalanced energy and bring healing through restored energy.

There are 7 major energy centers in the body, each one vibrates to a different musical note:

7th: Crown Chakra, B Note
6th: Third Eye Chakra, A Note
5th: Throat Chakra, G Note
4th: Heart Chakra, F Note
3rd: Solar Chakra, E Note
2nd: Sacral Chakra, D Note
1st: Root Chakra, C Note

Unlike most instruments, a crystal singing bowl only plays only one note.

The note of the bowl is created and tuned as the bowl is made. Once it is created, the note can not be changed.

As an example, the heart chakra is tuned to the note F, so the vibrations created when a F note is played vibrate through the heart center.

Each note (or bowl) vibrates with a specific chakra in the body for the purpose of sending vibrational energetic waves to activate, renew and balance energy.

As quantum physics explains, everything is energy in motion and everything vibrates. This includes all of the chemicals running through our bodies, the physical changes our bodies experience and even our thoughts and our emotions. 

As these energetic streams constantly rearrange themselves within us, bulid-ups and releases of energy are always taking place, for better or for worse. Singing bowls are used to access our chakras and awaken them. 

Unlike metal bowls, quartz crystal bowls offer a unique and powerful transmission of sound, that is deep, rich and extremely charged.

Quartz or crystalline silica is the earth's crust second most common element, after oxygen, so it is very abundant, and is most often found in the form of sand. This is what the bowls are made of. 

A wonderful aspect of these super healing sound tools, is they are easy to play. There is no prior musical knowledge or experience is required. 

Give this unique healing tool a try, you will fall in love!

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Julie Kluh
Julie Kluh


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