How to Clean a Crystal Singing Bowl

by Julie Marie April 01, 2018

How to Clean a Crystal Singing Bowl

Keep your crystal singing bowl glowing and beautiful with these cleaning tips!

Cleaning dust, smudges and stains from your beautiful crystal singing bowl is not too tricky should only take a few minutes.

So, how does your bowl get dirty?

Like everything in life, sometimes your bowl will encounter some dirt or grease or rub against a surface or textile that leaves a mark behind. Especially with the frosted exterior, which is not unlike sandpaper, it can quickly pick-up some color marks or smudges that are sometimes tricky to get off.

Small smudges, stains and marks on the outside frosted surface of your crystal singing bowl are not uncommon. They can occur from dirty hands, the mallets used, or the wood floor surface rubbing against the textured glass. Quartz is a very hard material and it will win against most materials that it encounters! 

Tips to Keep Your Crystal Singing Bowl Clean

1. Wash your hands before handling your bowl

Handling the bowl with greasy or dirty hands (even if they look clean!) might be the biggest culprit in leaving hard to get off marks. Especially if you are un-packing it for the first time and you have just handled the cardboard shipping box that traveled through trucks and driveways to get to you. Hands get dirty quickly handling shipping boxes, so wash them up before handling your bowl. The same goes for anytime you handle you bowl, always lift and hold it with clean hands.

2. Choose a white mallet for playing your bowl

There are a variety of mallets out there to play your bowls, and all mallets have the potential to leave a mark. Although, typically we don't see colorful rubber mallets leaving marks on the bowl, it is possible! Use a light colored suede or white rubber mallet to play your bowl.

3. Check your bowl for marks periodically and keep up with removing them

Inspecting and cleaning your bowl for smudges regularly will help keep your bowl in good shape! Letting marks build-up and stay overtime will decrease your ability to get them off. Depending on what made the mark on your bowl, different things will work to clean off the mark. Sometimes, we have no idea what cause the mark on the bowl, so we need to try out a few things before it comes off. See tips below on cleaning your bowl.

4. Keep your bowl a safe distance from things

Yes, we know you try that already :) Keep this in mind that the bowl can pick up colors from wood surfaces, plastic surfaces (like in your car), or near dark clothing or other soft items, like colored foam blocks, that can leave behind marks. Keep your bowl wrapped up, boxed, or bagged whenever transporting it and protect it from rubs and run-ins as best you can.

Cleaning Your Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl

All Kurma bowls have a frosted exterior and smooth interior. The interior can be cleaned with any type of cloth and marks should easily wipe away, just as if you were cleaning the windows. 

Keeping your bowl clean from dust and debris will help it sing with clarity!

Usually, what requires specialized cleaning is the textured or frosted exterior of your bowl.

These tips are ways to remove smudges and marks:

1. Soap & Water with a Brush

To clean smudges off the exterior of the bowl first bet on it being dirt, use a soft plastic brush, like a dish brush or toothbrush, water and dish soap and scrub the area. This will take off most marks.

2. White Vinegar with a Brush

If the stain is of different nature, vinegar does wonders at getting off certain things, and might be the answer, try spot cleaning your smudge using white vinegar and a soft bristled brush, like a toothbrush.

3. Glass Cleaner with a Brush

If soap and water and then vinegar failed at getting the smudge off, rinse the area and let your bowl dry, then try using glass cleaner (like Windex) with a dish brush or toothbrush. Glass cleaners have different properties that can remove different types of stains. Rinse your bowl well after using the glass cleaner and use protective gloves if you going to touch the area with glass cleaner to protect your hands.

QUICK TIP! Using cloths, sponges or rags to clean the exterior of your bowl will probably leave you with shredded bits of them caught into the quartz. Quartz crystal is very hard and most likely, it will rip up your cleaning item and leave you with more to clean. A dish or tooth brush is a great option!

4. Wet-dry Sand Paper

If the above options fail to remove your mark, try using a piece of wet-dry sand paper.

If the stain on your bowl was caused from something metal (like a wrist watch) rubbing against the glass, it may require a little bit of sand paper to get the mark to go away. Choose a light colored paper, with around a 200 grit surface and rub that over the area of the bowl gently. It will probably need a glass cleaner or soap and water wash after using the sand paper. 

5. Hand-held Steam Cleaner

Heat can do wonders on certain stains! A hand-held steam cleaner may just melt away the stain on your glass. Hey, might as well try this first if you have one on hand!

We hope this helps get away some of those unwanted stains.

It is possible that the stain is so stubborn you are unable to get it off, but that doesn't mean your bowl will not sing its beautiful healing tune.

The above methods of cleaning are all safe and should not damage your bowl, its sound or its ability to emit healing vibrations.

We know you are aware of the fragile nature of your bowl and we trust you are handling it with the care it requires :)

Crystal Cleansing

We are very interested in how the cleansing aspects of sun light and moon light may affect the properties of the crystal in singing bowls, however, we are not able to give an affirmative on how to go about doing that.

We encourage you to do your research (while we continue to do ours), use your intuition and do what you feel is best for your bowl. Be love and play with intention <3 

Julie Marie
Julie Marie


Julie is a writer, yogi and artist curious about everything in the physical and metaphysical world. She has a tendency for typos and smiling :)

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