How to Hang Aerial Silks

by Julie Marie April 04, 2018

How to Hang Aerial Silks

This article provides some framework in understanding ceilings and how to hang your aerial silks.

Ask a professional tradesmen if you are unsure at any point! Your life is on the line and the safety and security of your attachment point is vital.

Aerial silks can be hung from anything above you that is strong enough, including:

  • Healthy Strong Trees
  • Rigging Set-ups
  • Wood or Metal Beams
  • A Variety of Ceilings
  • Anything that can support the weight and force of an aerialist

Every application is different, there is not a single solution for this tough question.

Kurma's Aerial Silks, do not come with the actual hardware that will go into your ceiling, only the hardware that your silks attach to, which then clips into hardware on your ceiling by a locking carabiner.


What kind of ceiling do you have?

First, you will need to figure out your ceiling type or what you have in your space that you can work with to install something in order to clip your aerial silks into. 

Again, we encourage you to contact a local handyman (or woman!) who has the tools, knowledge and skill to address your situation, select hardware, install it and test it before you try to do this without any experience.

The Most Common Ceiling in a Home: Drywall over Joists

The most common ceiling type in homes is a drywall ceiling, which covers the joists. This is the kind of ceiling that is smooth (sometimes rough), painted, and looks a lot like your walls. Above/behind the drywall are joists, which are long slats of wood that are spaced apart evenly.

Joists are the structure of the ceiling and roof and what you need to tap into to install the hardware. The wood beams offer the support structure required to hang something, like yourself! Sometimes, in a garage or a basement, the joists or wood beams are still exposed, and not covered with drywall.

If this is your type of ceiling, you will need to locate the joist behind the drywall (with a joist finder or other technique) and then install a anchored eye bolt or something similar. This is not unlike installing a chandelier or anything heavy hanging from the ceiling. We urge you to not try and do this for the first time yourself, but find a qualified local carpenter who can assist at making sure the hardware is chosen carefully, installed correctly and tested before you hang upside down on it.


Maybe you have exposed beams?

This is a very fortunate type of ceiling situation to have for install an aerial set-up, you don't need to investigate where the strong point is, you have clear access to it!

You can install a long eye bolt or plate into the beam and secure it with nuts and washers on the other side.

Or, you can use a nylon daisy chain (rated to sustain enough weight!) and wrap it around the beam securing your equipment to that, so you can remove it afterwards. That is what we have done here:

Hanging Aerial Silks from an exposed beam at home

The above set-up, using a nylon daisy chain, will allow you to travel with your silks and attached them in various ways, including to a tree branch or swing set without the need of hardware.

I hope this article has helped answer some questions about hanging your aerial silks.


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