How to Care for Your Yoga Mat

by Julie Marie March 04, 2018

How to Care for Your Yoga Mat

Tips for Use & Care of Your Kurma Professional Yoga Mat

Preparing Your Mat for Use

When you first receive your Kurma Professional yoga mat, a light film from manufacturing must be rinsed off. Not washing your mat before use will lead to a slippery initial usage.

In order for your mat to reach its optimal grip it needs to be broken in.

To season your mat or prepare it's grip, you will need water and a few cups of salt.

Wet your mat with water and throw a few cups of salt on your mat. Any type of salt will do. Salt really does make a difference in helping get ride of that slick outer layer that is only there while new.

Scrub the salt and water all over the mat with a dish scrubber or some kind of scrubby brush.

Letting the salt water completely dry onto the mat, then scrub it a little more.

After the salting, rinse the mat clean. To rinse the mat, use a mild detergent or just water. If you use soap of any kind be sure that all soap is washed off really well before using the mat.

Your mat should be grippy and ready for a lifetime of use.

Keep in mind

Like a good baseball glove or pair of shoes, your yoga mat will take a little time before it has reached its optimum and lifetime potential for an amazing grip! The mat will cushion your joints and provide an amazing foundation right away.

The more you use your mat, the better the grip becomes. Your salty sweat helps it too!

The best way to break in your mat is to do lots of yoga practice :)

If your mat is still slippery, use a yoga towel  over your mat. These days, you will often see in any type of heated yoga class, every student will use a towel over their mat to prevent slipping when they get sweaty.

Towels work best when they are a bit damp, so you can spray your towel with a little water to begin to get a grip going right away.


Kurma Yoga Mats

Tips for Care & Storage of Your Yoga Mat

  • Wiping your mat down with a cleaning cloth is all that is required for ongoing cleaning
  • Do not put your yoga mat in a washing machine or dish washer
  • Avoid storing away your mat if it is wet
  • Your mat is best stored roll-up, rather than folded
  • If you sweat a lot, use of a towel during your practice is recommended

The Kurma Professional yoga mat is made of non-toxic PVC in Germany. It is the highest quality PVC yoga mat available and certified to the highest medical standard for consumer health safety by Swiss testing institute, OEKO-Tex to Standard 100.

If you encounter any problems preparing your mat, using your mat, or wish to contact  about the guarantee, Kurma will be here to help you.

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