2 Yoga Hammock Daisy Chains

Set of 2 Reinforced Nylon Daisy Chains

These are the perfect extensions for hanging an aerial yoga hammock. Kurma's Aerial Silks can be hung as a yoga hammock and these straps make the length part very easy! With loops down the entire strap they can be adjusted within a 4 foot range.

They can also be used to hang aerial silks from a beam, as shown in the photo.

Each strap is 1 inch wide nylon strapping with loops at both ends, and 12 loops the entire length spaced 3 inches apart.

Entire length is 4 feet, for extending length of swings and hammocks between 8 inches and 4 feet. Used for hanging yoga hammocks, regular hammocks and swings.

Daisy chains are a great tool to hang hammocks at a variety of heights to achieve the perfect length.

Weight bearing capacity is 500 lbs.

Sturdy, high-quality, excellent value!

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