Aerial Silks Equipment Set

High Quality Aerial Silks Equipment Set

For your home or studio aerial oasis! This set includes all hardware and silk fabric. The set does not include the hardware that may (or may not) need to be installed into the ceiling. This set is ready to clip-in to your strong point.

Included in This Set

Premium Fabric – Select 9 or 15 Yards (both are 108 inches wide) The fabric is the studio choice, it is low stretch 40 denier tricot 100% nylon. This is a premium, shiny, soft, grippy and durable fabric.

- Select 9 yards for ceilings 8-12.5 feet
- Select 15 yards for ceilings 13-22 feet (Only in Dark Purple & Ocean Blue)

2 Screw-Lock Carabiners – Max Breaking Load: 25KN = 5620 Pounds Force (lbf), (Steel) CE CSA

Rescue Figure Eight / Descender – Diameter: 8-12 mm, Strength: 32 KN = 7194 Pounds Force (lbf) (Aluminum)

Mountaineering Swivel – Max Strength: 30KN = 6744 Pounds Force (lbf) (Aluminum)

Step-by-Step Knot Tying Guide and Instructions for Assembling your Silks (Simple & Easy)

Each item in this kit has been hand selected for beginner to advanced aerialists to enjoy flying confidently at home!

How to Hang Your Aerial Silks

The point of attachment for hanging your aerial silks is very important for your safety! Please see this article discussing how to hang aerial silks.

We did the hard work for you!

Trying to source all of the pieces of hardware and select the right type of fabric to assemble your own silks equipment can be confusing and time consuming. Kurma has done the hard work for you!

All hardware is made in Taiwan, and tested and certified for your safety. We have selected over-rated hardware for aerial application and verified all weight load testing, as well as chosen the highest quality most-loved silk material in beautiful colors!

The fabric is the strongest and highest rated 100% nylon fabric, chosen by studios and aerial professionals. Its low stretch quality is easy for beginners and intermediates to climb and perfect for practicing aerial at home. You will be absolutely satisfied with the quality of this product! If you are not, simply return to us for a full refund within 30 days :)

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