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Solving the professional need for a high performance yoga mat

Kurma Yoga was founded in Germany in 1988 by Claus Grzesch, the man behind the legendary German-made yoga mats.

After several years practicing under his guru B.K.S. Iyengar, Claus returned to Germany to share his passion of yoga in Europe.

BKS Iyengar with Claus Grzesch of Kurma Yoga

B.K.S. Iyengar and Claus Grzesch in India, early 1980's

Upon his return to Germany, Claus set out to create a needed item at the time, a proper yoga mat. Not a throw-away underlay, which was mostly being used, but a properly dense, non-toxic, high quality surface.

Claus began developing and testing yoga mats to meet his own standard.

At that time in the late 1980s, yoga was still very fringe, and yoga mats were not a commodity item. Most yogis used mats of fabric, rugs, or carpet underlays, mostly made of low-quality rubbers or toxic synthetics (not unlike cheap yoga mats still available today).

Claus worked directly with manufacturers to develop and test over 100 mats before he landed on the recipe that has since changed the world of yoga. 

The Kurma Classic professional yoga mat was a breakthrough invention. This mat spread across the world from a simple ad Claus had printed in an UK yoga event program. Just from his small announcement, Claus's mat was imported and branded by yoga companies across the globe, gaining legendary status in no time.

In 2014, Claus expanded his brand to the USA, bringing his high quality mats directly from Germany under his own brand.

Claus Grzesch Founder of Kurma Yoga 1988 - German Yoga Mats

For 20 years, Kurma mats have been the top choice of yoga professionals for their stability, comfort, and durability. Yoga professionals agree that Kurma mats assist at improving and enhancing their performance on the mat, from balance to control to comfort.

All Kurma Yoga products are certified non-toxic and mindfully created for a healthy yoga practice and healthy life. 

To your good health!


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