Premium Aerial Yoga Hammock

Premium Aerial Yoga Hammock Kit

This aerial yoga hammock kit includes the highest rated hardware and extra long professional fabric.

This kit is an excellent durable choice for your aerial yoga studio, or for use at home.

Kurma's Aerial Yoga Hammock is a high quality set of hardware and fabric intended for professional and studio use, at an excellent value!

With the included instructions, your hammock will be easy to assemble.

Feel the amazing pull of gravity on your body as you suspend yourself from this divine silky fabric...

• Decompress Your Spine
• Build Core Strength
• Open Your Chest and Shoulders
• Use Gravity to Enhance Yoga Poses

Included in this Premium Aerial Yoga Hammock Kit

• 9 Yards (28 Feet x 108 Inches) of Low Stretch 100% Nylon Denier Tricot 40 Fabric
• 4 Steel Screw-Lock Carabiners (MBL 25KN = 5620 lbf, CE CSA)
• 2 Extra Wide (2 Inch), Reinforced Nylon Daisy Chains (10 ft Long, 660lb Capacity)
• Set-up Guide with Knot Tying Instructions
• Aerial Yoga Pose Guide

Beautiful Professional Fabric – 100% Denier Tricot 40

This kit includes 9 Yards (28 Feet) Premium, Soft, Durable, Low-stretch Denier Tricot 40 fabric. It is 108" wide, the normal width for bolts of this fabric. This fabric is rated as the highest strength and is used by professionals around the world.

How to Install Your Hammock?

Ceiling Requirements: 9ft - 20ft tall ceiling

Assembly includes tying knots in your fabric where you will clip in the carabiners.

You might choose to create a long hammock where or you can make a shorter one.

The way you choose to tie your hammock is totally up to you and will depend on your ceiling height.

First, you will tie the knots where you can clip in the carabiners. You can attach those to the included Daisy Chain extenders for a really tall ceiling or clip them right into your ceiling points.

Daisy chain extenders are included for tall ceilings and to adjust the height quickly and easily, which comes in handy if different people are using it or for different poses.

This kit does not include the actual hardware that you need to have in your ceiling to clip this into.

The reason is because there are many ways it can be attached, and every ceiling is different. You may have pipes or beams or may need to get hardware and install it into your ceiling.

If you are unsure how to install it, we suggest you hire a knowledgeable carpenter or rigger in your area to offer you assistance and ensure a safe installation.

You can use this yoga hammock outdoors, but it is advised to bring it inside when not in use.

For Beginners & Advanced

These are top quality silks and hardware that apply to a beginner or advanced user! They are great to get started at home and are the top choice in aerial yoga studios.

This Kit Works Perfect For

• Aerial Yoga
• Anti-Gravity Yoga
• Unnata Yoga
• Suspension Yoga
• Gravity Yoga
• Antigravity Yoga
• Flying Yoga
• Aerial Pilates

Trying to source all of the pieces to assemble the best suspension yoga equipment can be confusing and time consuming.

Kurma's done the hard work for you, providing a premium kit that includes the best of everything, making your choice easy!

This gorgeous set of equipment is the safest and highest quality equipment you are going to find anywhere.

Advance your aerial yoga practice at home or outfit your yoga studio with the best equipment available!


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